1985 Utu National Agreement

» (1) A carrier had separate yards within the same switching limit for the shipyard crews who worked there. The agreement, which came into force before 31 October 1985, prohibits road crews from carrying trains from certain partially separated yards. As a result, yard transfers were used to process trains between certain shipyards and the shipyard whose crews were leaving or arriving. Are existing restrictions in point 1 (a) to allow crews to operate their trains to or from one of the yards within the same switching limits? The Board of Directors follows that porters cannot remove guest orders under local rules and already in force, if a firefighter (rescue) who established his seniority status before November 1, 1985 is placed in a fur status or remains in a fur status. This particular issue was the subject of litigation before Public Law Board No. 4099. Chicago and North Western Transportation Company, A company organizing the National Mediation Agreement of 31 October 1985, but not a party to the national agreement of 27 January 1972, asked the following question to PLB 4099: a review of the outlines of the discussion that preceded the adoption of the national mediation agreement of 31 October 1985 shows that the earliest projects had questioned the work that was the subject of the intervention :: «Move, turn, recognize and supply locomotives and kabooses.» Subsequently, the following language was also included in a discussion framework: we believe that this should confirm that the air carriers will do their best to submit the lump sum payment under Article III of that agreement, no later than 20 December 1985, under a single separate control. Q-1: paragraph 1, point b), provides in part that a life-sustaining allowance is in effect, but that this subsistence allowance,,, does not apply to double payments, including arbitrators and special allowances, expressed in time, miles or fixed funds, or for mileage charges for miles exceeding the number of miles that include a basic day. «Given this language, should the 13 cents of COLA-float of the last agreement be recovered by all arbitrators before freezing the rates of these arbitrators? It is therefore right to conclude that ancillary accommodation work may be carried out by collaborators other than those represented by the UTU, unless the execution of this ancillary work results in the construction of a firefighter (rescue) who, before 1 November 1985, is in place, or the establishment of a position of hebertist, represented by another organization. (ii) The combined increases, if any, are limited to those greater than 38 cents per hour, due to adjustments that take effect on November 1, 1985 and January 1, 1986. The airline also argues that in attempting to resolve the dispute, it has developed an agreement with the UTU President that would align the parties` positions. The agreement proposed to divide the zones into certain zones. With understanding: «An engine service employee may perform his service in a ground service depending on his age, unless he is assigned to engine service in the area where he was previously employed as an engineer.» THE BLE stated that it would be prepared to accept the terms of the unprecedented proposed agreement, as long as the terms of the agreement applied to the entire senior district.

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