Supreme Court Decision On Joint Development Agreement

… this appeal was filed by a developer for the implementation of the development agreement between the parties. Defendant No. 2 – 3 appeared in the aforementioned complaint and filed a… Jyotirmay Bhattacharya, J.: – This first appeal is directed against an order of the learned judge, who brought the complainant`s appeal for the specific execution of the contract with… that action for a specific performance of the contract is not provided for in the case of the promoter under Article 14, paragraph 3, paragraph c), of the specific relief … Implementation of the town planning plan and the six-month expiry from the date of receipt of the notice of purchase. The High Court Department Bank referred to the judgment…, unless it is satisfied that the planning authority will be able to acquire the same thing through a private agreement or a forced acquisition within 10 years from the day the development… The authority can acquire it through an agreement by paying an agreed amount, or by granting the landowner or tenant land index or transferable operating rights instead of the land… …. 4.

The respondents brought the above appeals and challenged the development agreement of January 28, 2014. A complaint was filed by respondent 2 to 4 in June 2016 and three others were filed in September,…. The applicant is a developer with whom the respondent and its members entered into a development contract on January 28, 2014. No. 2 to 4 are members of respondent No. 1-Gesellschaft… have filed an appeal to this court Request No. 67 of 2016 in August, 2016 with the request for declaration that the development agreement of January 28, 2014, power of attorney of January 29, 2014 and … Summary: 3.1 The current opponents, i.e. the original applicants, have brought an action to enforce the development agreement between the applicants and the original…. The original defendants of the applicants argued that they had challenged the agreement in question in their response and that it was therefore necessary for evidence to be provided to independent witnesses… necessary.

6. There is no doubt that the agreement in question dates back to 31.3.1986. It is also indisputable that complaint 915 of 1989 of the… (ii) «specified agreement»: a registered contract in which a person who owns real estate or real estate or who owns both agrees to authorize another person to develop a real estate project on that land or building, or both, taking into account a portion, by country or by building, or both, of a project of this type, with or without payment of a portion of the consideration in cash; … noted that the applicants had previously concluded, on 9.12.1985, with the owners, a development agreement on the land cited for… Lucknow Development Authority v.

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