Rental Agreement Inspection

At Lee`s… I`m glad you`re not my tenant. The owner of the property I operate is an elderly man and a retired marine and deserves no abuse from anyone like you. Now to determine the reason for the inspection. We check real estate for many reasons. Including, and not limited to: water damage, electrical problems, safety problems and yes cleanliness (we ask tenants to clean with a toothbrush, no…. But nausea leads to the following reason) if the house is disgusting (food, garbage heaps, clothes everywhere), this leads to insects and rodents (we are in the south and the insects pass here). It`s expensive to get rid of these pests and tenants can`t bother to have a pest control business, so the landlord has to do it and with 36 rents and $75 per treatment… That is a lot of money. We respect our tenants and ask them the same thing. It also means treating our property with respect.

Often, damage costs more than a surety! The first audit of the object explains the importance of the first review of a lease. In an extract review, compare the current damage with the damage found during the removal examination to determine if it is the tenant`s fault. It is important to note that the regular wear and tear of the property is not considered a debt. An inspection can seem quite intrusive and often tenants do not feel comfortable when strangers are walking around their homes. It is therefore easy to understand why they are reluctant to allow entry. Of course, they could also refuse entry to hide obscure activities, which is certainly a more worrying prospect. I did my first flat inspection tomorrow by the owner and I`m really worried about it. I gave an extra vacuum to the carpets and sinks and the bathroom a complete decal. But I have a lot of things for which there is no room, so basically I put all my garbage in drawers and closets.

Should I expect the agent to open cupboards and closets? How about lifting the toilet seat? I don`t know what to expect. The previous tenants were straight slobs and left food stains splashed all over the kitchen, which was never able to rub a quantity, and I found that in the inventory. I`ve always kept the place as clean as possible, but because of the previous tenants, it`s a bit shabby, because in the carpets are a bit worn out and there are stains of paint missing on the window sill, things like that. All you need to do is disrupt your sleep for a day, for an inspection that realistically will not last more than 30 minutes. Is that really too much to ask? Building a good relationship is important for checking objects. The joint rent tour shows that everyone wants to help and be honest. It`s also a great opportunity to ask questions or mention maintenance issues. If you are an efficient homeowner, you can be offered tax breaks to improve private rental housing….

The landlord and tenant must sign, date and keep a copy of the property inspection report. The presentation of the lease contains the object review report. This form invites you to record the status of the rental property and to list all the furniture or items included in the delivery.

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