Sample Stock Repurchase Agreement

The seller acknowledges that it has the authority to enter into and execute this contract and the seller also acknowledges that it has taken all necessary business actions on the part of the seller, its respective directors and its shareholders, necessary to authorize, execute, deliver and deliver the seller of this contract and to conclude the transaction under that contract. The seller wants to sell the stock to the company and the company wants to buy back the stock from the seller. FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the seller here vendors, transfers and transfers 100 shares of the Company`s common stock which, on behalf of the seller, is listed on the Company`s books and is represented by the XXXXXX certificate number, and heresafter represents, without appeal XXXXXX, the shareholder`s lawyer, and appoints him to transfer those shares into the Company`s books with full substitution power. (a) The seller is the sole lawful owner of the shares, advantageous and registration, and after the conclusion of the transactions provided for in this agreement, the buyer acquires from the seller a property well and negotiable of these shares, free and free of all rights of pledge, fees, charges, debts, restrictions, rights, purchase options, voting rights, voting rights and other voting rights , appeals and obligations of any kind (but, if applicable, subject to the equity creditor`s agreement). 1.2 Under the following terms: (i) five (5) working days after the date of implementation of this agreement and (ii) receipt of the original certificates or certificates that constitute the shares, duly confirmed or accompanied by a power (s) of actions properly executed (s) or, if this certificate of origin has been lost, destroyed or not available for delivery, the share insurance lost, as attached to Schedule B , is given by the buyer to the seller. The payment of the consideration is subject to any deduction or deduction of the source (tax or otherwise) required by the current legislation, and any amount deducted or withheld is treated, for all purposes of this contract, as if it had been paid by the buyer to the seller. If necessary, the seller is notified to the buyer of the signed W-8 or W-9 forms. The certificate (s) or insurance under oath lost are delivered by the seller to the buyer by an internationally recognized night courier at one of the following addresses: You own a capital company and you wish to buy back shares from a shareholder. A share repurchase agreement can help make this happen. Or maybe you own shares in a company and want to resell them. It is wise to outline the terms first. If you receive a share repurchase agreement, you can move the process forward.

In other words, the company sells its marketable securities, such as shares or bonds, to a shareholder. As part of the agreement, the group agrees to buy back the tradable securities at a later date. A share repurchase agreement is a contract between a company and one or more of its shareholders, under which the entity may repurchase a portion of its own common shares. The document identifies the parties involved and records the total price of the participation, the method of payment and the date of the transaction. The contract also includes assurances and guarantees on behalf of both parties, with the general effect that they are each legally able to continue the transaction. There are many reasons why you want to sell your shares to a company. It may be a lucrative time for you to keep selling. Maybe you just want to get out of this particular investment. Maybe you are a partner in the company and you want to sell to another partner.

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