Coldwell Banker Residential Lease Agreement

Please ensure that you have signed this form within 7 days of moving in. You must report it correctly before the extract. Please check your rent to confirm the number of days you need to cancel. After approval, I am responsible for providing, at the time of signing the lease: You can request the early termination of your lease. This form is used to request early termination. Sending this form does NOT automatically confirm an early termination agreement. In any case, you are still responsible for the lease until an appropriate replacement is found or the current lease expires. This form deals with agency relationships in the state of Texas. THE APPLICATION WILL ONLY BE PROCESSED WHEN APPLICATION FEES AND DEPOSIT IN SEGREGATED CERTIFIED FUNDS ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE APPLICATION PROCESSOR IN THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OFFICE.

This form looks like a disclosure by the seller when you sell a property. This must be filled back in our office. This is used in case we need funds for repairs or other costs that might come. This means that you have received a notice of the requirements of the Texas property code and that you understand that Coldwell Banker will install smoke detectors. Your online property portal gives you the opportunity to contribute to the owners. However, in rare cases, this is not practical or available. We are able to create your account. We prefer that you use your online ownership portal to pay the necessary contributions from the owners.

This checklist will help you when you leave. This will serve as a guide to help you recover your full deposit. If it was built at home before 1978, it must be filled. You must send this form to your insurance company, which mentions Coldwell Banker Residential Property Management as an additional insured, and maintain a minimum of $100,000 in general liability insurance. If you want to print or download our Property Management Application package, you can do so here: you can click on this link or send us an email This reveals what your obligations as owners are.

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