Westrock Kapstone Merger Agreement

In the context of mergers, WRKCo, WestRock and some of their subsidiaries (i) entered into a July 1, 2015 credit agreement (the «2015 credit contract»), with Wells Fargo Bank, National Association («Wells Fargo»), as a multi-currency administrator and agent, (ii) a co-ordder of the October 31, 2017 credit agreement (the «Credit Agreement 2017» with Wells Fargo) , as an administrative representative and (iii) as a member of the Credit Agreement of 27 April 2018 (the «European Revolving Credit Agreement») with the New York Branch`s Co-eveperati Rabo U.A. With respect to the WestRock mergers and some of its subsidiaries, a joint addition to the credit agreement of July 1, 2015 (the Farm Loan Credit Agreement and, in conjunction with the 2015 credit contract, the 2017 credit contract and the «Specified Credit Agreement»), with La CoBank, ACB, as a director (this Joinder and the contracts described in the clauses (i) , together the «Joinders»). «The collaboration agreement with WestRock is proof of the tremendous company we have put in place and the hard work and performance of the KapStone team,» said Kaplan. «The transaction allows us to provide our shareholders with an instant and compelling cash bonus. When we began to understand the principles of WestRock, we realized how closely aligned our cultures are. That`s why we firmly believe it will benefit both our employees and our customers. About WestRock WestRock (NYSE:WRK) works with our customers to offer differentiated paper and packaging solutions that help them win the market. The 50,000-member WestRock team supports customers at more than 320 commercial and commercial sites in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit www.westrock.com. With respect to mergers, WestRock lent $3,800,000,000 on November 2, 2018 as part of the March 7, 2018 credit agreement (the «Delayed Draw Credit Agreement») to WRKCo, WestRock and certain WestRock subsidiaries as guarantors, timely lenders and Wells Fargo as management agents. The Delayed Draw Credit Agreement loans consisted of a 364-day long-term priority loan totalling $300,000,000.

an unsecured three-year, long-term priority loan totalling $1,750,000,000 and a five-year, unsecured priority loan totalling $1,750,000,000 used by WestRock to pay the cash contribution. to repay the debt under the second revised and confirmed credit contract, June 1, 2015, from and between KapStone, KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation, as a borrower, the subsidiaries of KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation, which are cited as guarantors, lenders and bank of America, N.A., as directors, Swing Line Lender and lenders, for the payment of merger-related fees and charges and for the provision of WestRock operating funds and its subsidiaries.

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