Us And Ussr Sign Lend-Lease Agreement

How much of our finished ammunition has been allocated to credit lenders? Of the 100 tanks that strayed between March 11, 1941 and June 1944, 41 were loaned, 3 sold for cash to our allies and 56 delivered to our armed forces. Out of 100 aircraft, 15 were loaned, 3 sold to our allies and 82 delivered to our air force. «In a hypothetical one-on-one battle between the USSR and Germany, without the help of Lend-Lease and without the distraction of the important forces of the German Air Force and Navy and the distraction of more than a quarter of their ground forces in the fight against Britain and the United States, Stalin could hardly have defeated Hitler,» Sokolov wrote in a trial for rE/RL. … Although most of the construction of common defence facilities, with the exception of the Alaska Highway and the Canol project, was completed by Canada, most of the initial costs were borne by the United States. The agreement was that all temporary work for the use of the U.S. armed forces and all permanent construction required by U.S. forces would be paid for by the United States beyond Canadian requirements and that the costs of all other constructions of sustainable value would be covered by Canada. While it was not entirely reasonable for Canada to pay for every construction that the Canadian government considered unnecessary or did not meet Canadian requirements, reflection on self-esteem and national sovereignty led the Canadian government to propose a new financial agreement. «The rest of the loan assistance – about 12 percent – is an important war service, such as building factories in the United States to produce loan goods, repairing and leasing boats, ferrying aircraft, and building air and naval bases. A highway was built throughout Iran and the Transiranic Railway was transformed into a main artery for the relocation of loans from the Persian Gulf to Russia. By the end of June 1944, the United States had sent more than 11,000 aircraft to the Soviets; more than 6,000 tanks and hunting tanks; and 300,000 trucks and other military vehicles.

… The total amount of defence materials and services received by Canada through Lend`s rental channels was approximately $419,500,000. In 1943, when the U.S. arms industry hit at full capacity, credit became an extremely powerful instrument of war. Shortly before this brochure was released to the press, the figures for the leasing of loan transactions were published until the end of 1944.

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